Hollywood Ferret

A Speciality Store



          Established in early 2012 after getting our first ferret Milton and making several mistakes, only to find that there was little to no help out there for new ferret owners, we, Bia and Heather, created Hollywood Ferret to solve the array of issues which we encountered as first time ferret owners. Over the years, Hollywood Ferret has developed from an educational brand to a lifestyle brand, one which not only focuses on ferrets and all things related to and with them, but a company which incorporates the modern touches in life including entertainment and news while remaining true to who we are and the mission and values which we have set forth. Hollywood Ferret is always developing and growing but never loses touch to who we are and what we stand for. In other words, no amount of money or notoriety can or will change or influence us as we aspire to remain loyal to all of our Tides.

          Hollywood Ferret develops luxurious products designed to improve the quality of life for ferrets while also simplifying all aspects for ferret owners. In addition to our soon to be released variety of products which range from hammocks and accessories, we also deliver a digital magazine which is published on our interactive website which has and always will be free as no subscription or membership fee is needed nor will it ever be needed. We stand behind all that we deliver with integrity in all that we do from products to information. We have never lost sight on what is important and why we developed Hollywood Ferret in the first place, which is to make the lives of ferrets and ferret owners better as we implement both our mission and vision into everything that we do.

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