Hollywood Ferret

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               Hollywood Ferret Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that operates out of our home and is run just by the two of us. Helping the world of ferrets is no small task which is why we work together and rely very heavily on the help and assistance of others. In order to keep the foundation afloat we utilize the adoption fees to help support the on-going costs but also seek donations of any monetary amount via our PayPal in which you can find our EIN# for charitable tax deductions at the bottom of any “Foundation” page. We also understand that not everyone has the ability to provide financial support which is why we also have a wish list of items both big and small that we use regularly and any amount of them will be greatly appreciated as it will ensure that we continue to operate at full capacity. If you have the ability to donate financially there are many ways to do so; you can donate monthly or make a one time donation.

               Regardless, the frequency and or amount of your donation to Hollywood Ferret Foundation goes straight to work by helping us save more lives. Your tax-deductible charitable donation helps provide shelter, medical care, behavioral enrichment & more for many homeless, injured and neglected ferrets who are waiting to find a home and a family to love. As mentioned previously, we also use items frequently, many of which are ones you can purchase from our Amazon Wish List. Hollywood Ferret Foundation appreciates everyone who donates to us through Amazon or PayPal. Please Note: We are not told who the gift is from unless you choose to include a ‘gift note.’ Please include your name as well as an email address and mailing address. If you do, we can send you a “thank you” and donation receipt as we are VERY appreciative!